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As a certified Enneagram coach, Evangeline has more than 15 years of experience serving in various communities and mentoring individuals ranging from youth at risk to business owners in self-development and financial services advisory.

As an Associate Financial Planner, she incorporates Enneagram as part of her lifestyle in helping individuals to make the best choices for their stage of life. As a young mother of 2, she believes that every kid is unique and special in their own ways and she gives them rooms to explore and be their own true self and cultivating the spirit of resilience to survive in the world of competitiveness without falling into the social norms of the world outside.

Her belief of “We are stronger than we think we are” has propelled her to see and believe in the good of people and continue to help individuals to discover their inner self and become the better version of themselves. Those who have received counselling sessions by her find her to be wiser than her age and give sensible advises helping them to deal with tough situations in life and leading them to discover their breakthroughs.

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