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Breast Milk Keepsake… To do or don’t?

Being a trained nurse and one who believed in the benefits of breastfeeding, after my partial breastfeeding with Arthur for a period of 8 months, I always lived with a sense of dissatisfaction. Struggling with low supply issue and a big drinker, I was fighting hard to prolong the journey till he was down with HFMD. It was a tough period, drying up and getting bites, I weaned off my boy with no surplus in the fridge. With this, even though I knew about breast milk keepsake, I decided to forgo the idea. When Arthena was born, I was working...

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A “Not So Surprise” Proposal

  Wow, it must be random! One moment I am blogging about my current journey with Big A and Small A and next moment, I am sharing about “proposal” of Papa Yang??? This post is actually a part of the “Proposal Blog Train” where 15 mummies will take turn sharing about their proposal every day for 15 days straight. And today is my turn! With my husband’s permission, I can be open to blog down all the tiny details including the not so surprised proposal that was behind the scene and unknown to many. This took place some years back. How...

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3 reasons why I choose to be a mom

Recently, I was browsing through my beloved babies photos and can’t help kept smiling whenever I think of my babies especially during work or when I were outside having events and would be home late. Those photos pushed me through my day and allowed me to remember why I chose to take on the role of a mother. Below are purely my own personal views and beliefs. If whoever reads it disagree, sorry, I can’t convince you and I won’t try to as well. 1. They make me smile, no matter how tired I am The most wonderful thing...

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11/11/15 – The Birth of Baby ARTHENA

11/11/15 is the beginning of another stage of our lives for the Yang family. We chose this date for the birth of Baby Art not because it sounds nice but rather due to the fact that I happened to hit the first day of week 37 (based on ultrasound scan) and also Arthur decided to kick a hole in my water bag at the end of week 36. So to prevent unforeseen circumstance that might lead to emergency c-section, I managed to convince my Gynae to allow me to give birth at week 37 instead of the advised week...

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