It was by chance that I came across I Can Read ad on Singapore Motherhood Forum and so happened, they were having a free assessment at their Junction 10 branch.

I had been thinking of sending Big A to a new enrichment class since he stopped Shichida when I was pregnant with Small A. It was a tough decision back then to stop his class. One contributing factor was the change of teacher.

My husband wasn’t happy with the new teacher that took over and because of it, we decided to withdraw him plus I was having a tough pregnancy (vomiting and hugging the toilet bowl like my secondary bed). Therefore, Big A was having the time of his life every single weekend by doing nothing, just kept sticking himself in front of the TV and watched movies non stop (10 over times of Alvin and the Chipmunks, Iron Man, Turbo, Angry Birds).

So I sent a request for the free assessment and fixed an appointment right away.

We went to the branch, met with the Caucasian teacher and we were brought to a room for the assessment. I asked for permission to take the photos so that I could share my experience with them and the teacher gave me green light. Below were some of the photos taken during the assessment.


Teacher Ben (as he made himself known to me) took a piece of paper and asked Big A some questions about how old is he. Really not sure whether Big A was shy or he really don’t know his age. When Teacher Ben asked him how old are you? Big A never replied. Thus the teacher got to prompt him by asking are you 10 years old? Big A looked awkward and nodded his head.



Teacher Ben tried to win Big A over by giving him stickers.


Teacher Ben moved on to ask Big A to identify some objects. Well done Big A! You got most of them correct! Some of the objects needed some prompting from Teacher but you did a good job! So proud of you!


Nervous… Teacher Ben was writing the assessment result by categories.


Identifying alphabets. Big A needs to work hard in this area.

After assessment, Teacher Ben suggested to place Big A at their Little Bears Club class to start him off as his English standard is very basic. He furthered went on to share about their costing and while he was sharing, at the back of my mind, I was calculating and comparing with Shichida. I was very amazed that the cost was a lot cheaper. Given that 1 term of 11 lessons only about $3xx. As compared to Shichida which is $8xx. Called me crazy but I believed in Shichida’s method but with the rising of enrichment course fee, I decided to self teach Shichida to Small A and hopefully I can get myself to start it soon.

Last week, Big A attended his first lesson with I Can Read and Papa Yang was the one who brought him. Sadly, I got a workshop.

Feedback from Papa Yang that he never cried when he needed to attend the class alone. So brave of Big A. He is really growing up.

Can’t wait to see his progress in school.

For more information about I Can Read:

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