Have anyone of you heard of Shopback.sg? If you hasn’t, now is the time to get to know how this website works.

It is the latest cash rebate website which give you cashback for shopping at your favourite online stores like Qoo10, Lazada, Redmart. I was first introduced to it by a mummy who was using it for her own shopping and I was skeptical. The only rebate website I knew of was closed down without notice and in SG, it isn’t common to have a cashback website where you can earn as you shop. Let me give you some business tips. Many thoughts came to my mind, is it really that good? If they give me all the rebates, what do they earn?

Nevertheless, I embarked on this cashback journey and as I shopped, I realized a few days later, I was earning cashback like a few dollars that over the span of 3 months, it grew to become $100 over dollars!!!

So few days ago, I received emails that said I can redeem my first cashback through my bank account once I have $10 and above redeemable thus once I has it, I quickly submit the details and redeem it. How awesome!


It takes about 7-14 working days for the payout to be in our bank account. To some people, it might seem long but all is worth it for the wait. Because I really save by just shopping on Qoo10 etc…

So what is the benefit of using SHOPBACK?

1. Online Shopping!

2. Vouchers!!!

Yes people! You see it right. Just to give you all a few examples.

You all know about FoodPanda? It is also on shopback with 8% cash back!!!


Wow! Look like a good deal!

Beside Food Panda, redmart is also on Shopback! More vouchers, more saving!

Follow by Groupon!


You can also grab the latest Groupon vouchers here

To view more vouchers available if you can’t believe what I share here, click here to view more!

Want to know how it works? You can click here to understand for yourself!

So now the golden question… how to sign up for it?

You can do so by clicking on this link to sign up: https://www.shopback.sg/?raf=ZtECFU.

So start to earn the cashback you deserve by signing up now!!!

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