Teachers’ Day is coming!

 One of those days that cause me a headache besides Arthur’s birthday celebration in school! Preparing a gift can be tough and this led me to sign up for a handmade soap workshop.

We all love handmade stuff. It is unique, special, one of the kind. We won’t find the same thing elsewhere.

At $20/pax, all materials were provided, including the soap based, moulds, essential oils etc. I brought Arthur along with me as well, hoping he would enjoy the workshop.

Can you see Arthur’s arm? He chose the bear shaped mould while the rest of the moulds were chosen by me.

Can you see Arthur's arm? I asked him to choose the mould.

The materials needed for to make the soaps.

To prevent overheating, double boiled method was recommended for the melting of soap base.

Waiting for the soaps to harden.

End products! We made 12 small soaps and 6 big soaps.

It was a 2-3 hours workshop. The steps required to make the soaps was really easy. I felt so addicted to it. It was a fun workshop for me in overall. What about Arthur? He was busy exploring the house and making friends.

That made me wonder, who was the one preparing for Teachers’ Day?

For more information, do visit Sweet Beauty Essentials to enquiries.

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