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Getting to know me…

I’m Evangeline Gabrielle. The woman behind this blog. I am a writer-wannabe and a photographer-wannabe.

I am an ambivert. I loved to have my world at times and enjoying spending time with family and friends. Being a mother of 2 children really make me see the world and experience it in different ways.

I don’t have many talents. One thing I greatly appreciate is my love of researching and exploring the world through internet. Sharing is a joy of my life. I am also serving in the community beside the church and start to study ACCA while juggling my works and children. This never stops me from trying to find spare time for my family.


How does Babiesintheart come about?

When I was pregnant with my 2nd child, both of my children’s name start with ART. I started a blog when I had my first child called Arthurlogy. With a 2nd child coming, it doesn’t seem fair. Thus I decided I needed a change and Babiesintheart (Babies In The Art) popped into my mind. It was birth forth into reality and here we are. When the name joined together, it does look like “Babies In T Heart”, it can also mean my babies will always be in my heart.


What is the blog about?

I share my thoughts and ideas on parenting, educational materials I created or sourced online and offline, reviews of products and media invites. I also review books which I found useful. I am also a Taobao shopaholic and looking forward to creating a directory on it.


Reviews and Recommendations

All reviews and recommendations are purely my own personal opinions. I seek to provide a neutral opinion on all products/services that are reviewed. The pros and cons. For sponsored products/services, I don’t accept anything that I don’t feel comfortable with. I seek to blog with freedom and joy, not with restrictions. If anyone disagrees with my reviews, you are always welcome to comment and email me and I will be happy to discuss with you. This is a child-friendly blog. Profanities are not allowed.

I’m PR-friendly. If you would like my family and me to try out your products/services, you may visit my PR page for more information.

Alternatively, if you have any queries, you can drop me an email at babiesintheart@gmail.com. I hope you enjoy your stay with us.

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