Being a trained nurse and one who believed in the benefits of breastfeeding, after my partial breastfeeding with Arthur for a period of 8 months, I always lived with a sense of dissatisfaction. Struggling with low supply issue and a big drinker, I was fighting hard to prolong the journey till he was down with HFMD. It was a tough period, drying up and getting bites, I weaned off my boy with no surplus in the fridge. With this, even though I knew about breast milk keepsake, I decided to forgo the idea.

When Arthena was born, I was working hard to ensure I have milk for her. Arthena has a complete opposite character from Arthur. While Arthur was a baby who latched well with the first try, Arthena was struggling to have a good latch. I got to resolve to pumping 8 times a day during confinement to ensure I could build a supply for her while she got to be supplement to help pump up her weight and also to clear her jaundice.

Finally, by the end of confinement, I had half a freezer of breast milk. Not bad for a start. Especially for a low supply like me!


When my friend came across a spree for breast milk keepsake, I was so tempted by the cost and the best part? It is a Singapore Company!!!

You might be thinking what so big deal about it?

During Arthur’s time, all the companies that specialized in breast milk keepsake is overseas based. Like USA and Australia. They are famous companies but some of the end-products received by Singapore nursing moms were rather disappointing and some felt is not worth sending it back to remake after waiting for months for it. And now? With a local company, the fees are largely reduced. We don’t need to ship overseas and the waiting time is only 2-14 weeks which is amazing. The best part? There is local warranty!

I joined the spree, asked a few friends along and the spree organizer managed to secure a good price for us.

The whole process was easy. We made the payment, sent her the milk after defrost via registered mail or courier, and now the waiting game began.

I waited from Jan to Feb, didn’t really asked the seller how is the progress. And just wait it out. The only 2 times I checked were when people feedback that they received their keepsake and with anticipation, I contacted the seller and asked. Due to my order had 4 charms and 1 pendent, it took her longer time to settle. So never mind, I told her please take your time. I rather received a good one then a bad one.

So in midst Feb, I received my keepsake. Well, I didn’t have any photos but… it wasn’t what I was expecting. I am not a fussy buyer just a little surprise. My pendent was in a bit of a wrong color. From purple it had became lilac. My rainbow charm was chipped a bit at the edge. My 2 name charms didn’t have much glitters. So, I contacted the seller. Seller was nice and patient. It took her sometimes to reply as she is also working full-time.

Her solution was to redo those imperfect charms and pendent and since I had extra milk with her, she would use back those extra milk to remake for me. Thus I packed all the imperfect items, shipped all back to her and continue with the waiting game.

It took another 1 month and I has to feedback on Singpost’s bad service. What happened was the seller sent me the tracking number. I checked on singpost, but I couldn’t find it! Usually for smartpac, it only took a day for the system to be updated but I waited for 2 weeks! I was starting to think whether it was seller’s fault or singpost and was starting to fear for the potential of missing items. Seller checked with singpost and realized due to large amount of parcels they received, they were unable to update the tracking number. =.=”

Finally, after hoping and praying my items will arrived safely, I received the parcel and tada!!! My keepsake arrived!!!


Yes, I ordered mine from Keepsake by Ryo!!! =)

Overall experience: Pleasant seller. Could take a bit of times to reply due to her busy schedule. But look at the end products! All my previous disappointment was gone. I fell in love with these babies. She opened another spree to celebrate her 40 weeks with Ryo and I ordered my 2nd batch of keepsake. Now with an upgraded system and website, I can easily trace my keepsake’s status with no sweat! Only question I had is what happened to my previous keepsake? But there aside, I can frankly said, I will continue to order from her. =)

Now come to a big question. As a nursing mom, breast milk keepsake… To do or don’t?

Let’s look at a few factors:

  • Low supply. Are you willing to “sacrifice” a bit of milk, about 20-30ml per keepsake? For my 2nd batch of keepsake, it took me a month to send the milk to Ryo as I was keeping those milk my girl wasted and unable to finish and sent it over to Ryo. If you have spare milk or unwanted milk that spoiled etc, you can always use it for keepsake. Don’t throw away. Such a waste. Especially for low supply mom. The feeling of dumping unfinished milk can bring heartache.
  • Cost. Breast milk keepsake is not cheap. The cost for it can be even more expensive as a Pandora charm or a gold pendent. It has no trade-able value. The only value it has is the remembrance of the hardship of a nursing mom. Can it last forever? Well, nobody know as it is made of breast milk. Only time can tell.
  • Crafting. Remember, every keepsake is crafted by the hands of the crafter. That why it is handmade. Do expect some rough edges and imperfection here and there. My remade charms are not 100% perfect. One of them still has a bit of imperfection which I only notice when I started to wear it yet I closed one eye because it is just too pretty for me to send back and ask for a remade.
  • Waiting time. Waiting time can be long. 2-14 weeks is a norm. No point rushing the seller and end up with a product that you might feel disappointed with. Seller also shared with me when she offered to remake my charms that it was normal for them to take back and remade as different mom has different expectation. Some clients prefer to have less glitter and able to see more of the milk colors and while some like me, requested for more glitter. Thus my whole waiting period took up to close to 3 months. Is it worth it? I feel for the end products I received, it is definitely worth it.

If I can choose again, I won’t regret doing my keepsake. Choosing a right seller is important. One that is responsible and have good reputation of delivering good products.

Always remember. Nothing is cheap, good and fast. If want cheap and good, it won’t be fast. If want cheap and fast, it won’t be good. If want good and fast, it won’t be cheap.

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