Recently, I was browsing through my beloved babies photos and can’t help kept smiling whenever I think of my babies especially during work or when I were outside having events and would be home late. Those photos pushed me through my day and allowed me to remember why I chose to take on the role of a mother.

Below are purely my own personal views and beliefs. If whoever reads it disagree, sorry, I can’t convince you and I won’t try to as well.

1. They make me smile, no matter how tired I am

The most wonderful thing in the world is when you are already tired and drained from a long day at work and then you come home to a bubbly baby who immediately shows you her toothless smile. Awwwww… *heart melts*

That the kind of feeling I got whenever I came home to my children and my boy would run to me, hugged my leg and went… “mummy, mummy…” and then I entered my girl’s room and while she looked as if she was going to sleep and suddenly she opened her eyes, stared and me and smiled with a big toothless smile like this:


Isn’t it lovely?

2. They give me faith to believe in the impossible

I have many friends who are single, going to marry and already married that often went “wow” etc when they played with my children. Many of the times, they expressed amazement and unable to believe how I can be a mom or even be a mom of 2 children. Many of the times, even for myself, I couldn’t believe too.

When I went through 2 C-section, my husband couldn’t believe how calm I was especially for Baby Arthena when the doctor was telling me what kind of complication I had blah blah blah. But nonetheless, the faith to believe I will be meeting the little one very soon stirred me forth. And sometimes, they do make me helpless. When Arthur dug my stuff, threw it all around the room while I was sleeping and woke up to a mess and screamed myself off. All those experiences were rather unpleasant. Yet those moments, when the children smiled, hugged and kissed me… it makes everything better, especially on a day when my husband needed to work late.

And our favourite activity together, taking a wefie! Please pardon my messy hair. It is a victory proof of how tiring mom can be at times.


3. They bond the family together

I am very glad to have a husband who plays a huge part, despite his busy work schedule, to spend personal times with the children. Who said a boy is always a mummy’s boy and a girl is always a daddy’s girl. That is completely untrue in my family. My boy enjoyed a strong relationship with his father. Often resolving asking his daddy to massage him (by stretching his sexy leg to his daddy while watching TV. While my girl? Whenever she sees me, she will smile with a bright smile like what I feel she might be if she sees candies. I can even leave my husband with the children without doubting how it will be. =P

Here a photo of Daddy Yang with Arthur!


Motherhood is not an easy journey but it is the most satisfying journey a woman can take. =)

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